Clinical trial research is where it all starts

Before a new investigational drug or treatment can reach the marketplace, clinical trial studies of these medications must be performed. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly regulates the pharmaceutical industry so that all medications available to consumers today are proven safe and effective. As a new study participant in a clinical trial, you are part of the development process to evaluate these medical therapies that can potentially improve, or lead to a cure for your medical condition.

What is a Clinical Study

What happens during a clinical trial?

During each clinical trial study, the Cedar Crosse team of licensed medical professionals follows a rigorous protocol within our clinic setting that is carefully monitored by federal regulatory agencies. Each trial has a pre-defined plan of testing schedules, clinic visits, drug dosages and outcomes that are measured. Before you participate in a clinical trial, you will
be given a complete explanation of the study protocol, and you will sign an informed consent that outlines the purpose of the clinical trial, possible benefits and risks of participating, and procedures to be performed during the study.

Study participants may leave the clinical trial at any time without any penalty as this is a completely voluntary process.

Who can enroll in these clinical trials?

Our clinical trial studies enroll a diverse population of participants depending on the investigational medical treatment. Each clinical trial follows a set of guidelines that details the inclusion and exclusion criteria for potential study participants. These criteria include screening factors such as gender, age, preexisting conditions, type and stage of disease, past and present treatments, etc.

All study participants will have their privacy protected throughout the research process. All medical records remain confidential and all research data amassed throughout the study is anonymously reported to the pharmaceutical companies.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to the study participants for all clinical trial related treatments, medications and visits.