As a clinical trial participant at Cedar Crosse Research Center, you are contributing to clinical research that can potentially help millions of others. Investigational drugs that may sustain and save lives would not be available on the market if not for the fundamental role of the study volunteer.

Should You Participate


  • First-line access to cutting edge treatments before going to market
  • Improving the health of others by participating in medical research
  • Potential financial compensation for patient time and travel
  • Receiving medical care, lab work, physical exams and study medications at NO COST for study-related conditions

Our team of doctors, research coordinators, lab technicians and nutritionists have conducted hundreds of therapeutics clinical trials for thousands of patients. Our clinical expertise and experience along with our dedication and commitment is unparalleled in the Midwest. The ethical and regulatory policies protecting the rights and well-being of study participants are strictly governed by the FDA and independent Institutional Review Boards (IRB).